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Since 1980, Paul Voight continues supporting the free flight community however possible…

This includes supporting Wills Wing‘s full line of quality flying equipment… and Flytec‘s line of the finest flight instruments available.


Miscellaneous Pilot’s Listings…

Gliders, Harnesses, Varios, Cameras, Radios, Reserves, Gear, etc…


THE DEAL OF THE DECADE! : Wills Wing 154 “T-2-C”,  excellent, almost NEW condition, very low airtime, Premium sailcloths, (OVODL6). Owner was relocated to another country, glider has been on the shelf!   $4600 firm Save $7000+ !



Wills Wing Falcon 4 “Super Falcon” 170, NEW: (Lightstream Airfoil control frame, 205 MT Trailing & Leading edges, 3 Speed battens/side, Stiffer mylars than normal stock, low twist. This Falcon REALLY GOES!!!  🙂   Custom colors! No hidden fees… $3850  – SAVE OVER $1000 !


Northwing Freedom 170…LIKE NEW-Crispy-crackly…. Yellow & Purple….. Under 4 hours……… $2400 Save $3000 !


Moyes LIGHTSPEED….VERY good condition….less than 20 hrs…. Purple & Yellow…………$1800 Save $4500+ !


BRAND NEW, NEVER OWNED, Wills Wing Sport 2 155SALE! $3800!! ($1400 off SRP) no hidden fees Flown 1X-dealer test


NEW Wills Wing Falcon 3 195 w/ SHORT-PACK option   $3100

Previously Flown Equipment

As an alternative to new equipment, we often have an inventory of previously flown equipment, as well.  All previously flown equipment is thoroughly inspected so you can trust the quality and airworthiness.

Wills Wing Super Sport 163, very good condition, custom sail, with fin,     $500


Wills Wing TALON 150, 1 owner: Had to leave sport…. years ago… Very low Airtime. Great condition, GREAT DEAL!!!   $600


Wills Wing “XC”  142, Mint/new condition, < 7 hrs, 1 owner, Teal +magenta+ white, Asymmetric pattern! $1000 !

Wills Wing “AT Sport” 167, good condition, $500

Wills Wing HPAT 158, good condition – $200



Wills Wing Z-5: Brand new/never flown  5’7″-5’11″……  $750 

CG 1000: Basically New  5’4″-5’7″……  $400 

High Energy Tracer -5’7″5’10″……  $350


Wills Wing Z-5 – Like NEW….. 6’1″6’4+”……  $400

(for tall, slender pilot)

Moyes Backplate SSP harness: 6’10”- 6′  48-50 ” chest  $300 !

Lookout/Gibson design “GT” Harness. Great condition 5’9″ – 6′ $350

Flight Gear, Accessories, and other items…..


FLYTEC 4020 Variometer with H.G. bracket + all software….  $120

ADI-AT – 201 RADIO SET- (Pilot + Driver!)…. $100

NIKON “D-80” PRO Camera kit w/ 18-35 lens & omega V-guard filter…. with many extras!!! NEW CONDITION!!

(EXTRAS = Nikon SPEEDLIGHT external flash unit, Nikon H-B-32 Lens hood, 70 -210 extra lens, extra battery, charger, Flash remote, Camera remote, import/export cables, camera case, 3 user books !)   ALL for just $450 !!!!!

ESCORT 8500 “X-50-Red” Radar detector… $100…(save $300)


High Energy 20 gore conical reserve with Paraswivel…  $225

Free Flight conical reserve with Paraswivel, new deployment bag & bridal UV cover …  $250


Flight Gear and Accessories not shown

HELMETS: Charly Insiders


AERO TOW Bridals and secondary releases…

GLIDER STORAGE: Do you come to Ellenville from the city side of the mountain? Why not pick up your glider right on the way to launch?! Convenient, key locked, high and dry, and only $20 per month! Call for info- 845-361-7232

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