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Welcome to Paul Voight’s Hang Gliding informational site.

Since 1980, Paul continues supporting the free flight community however possible… including supporting business’s that support the Sport, particularly Wills Wing,  and their full line of quality flying equipment, and Flytec‘s line of the excellent flight instruments.


Miscellaneous Pilot’s Listings… Gliders, Harnesses, Varios, Cameras, Radios, Reserves, Electronic Gear, Misc. items, etc… 


BRAND NEW SPORT 2 155: Factory and dealer test flown only! Marked WAY down… only because of the release of the Sport 3.  Priced well below dealer cost… this glider is available for $3700. Save $2000 compared to a Sport 3… and own a NEW glider !   🙂

BRAND NEW, NEVER OWNED, Wills Wing Sport 3 155SALE!  $300 discount off SRP. 205 MT Leading Edge cloth (bomb-proof!) Raked Tips available if desired (not shown) 

BRAND NEW CONDITION Wills Wing XC 142! This Crispy, shiny, glider lived on the shelf it’s whole life. Performs like a U-2 @ 1/5 the Price ! Was WW’s top-of-the-line glider! Comes with an extra folding basetube… Very easy set up! ONLY $1000

Wills Wing Super Sport 163, very good condition, custom sail, with fin,     $500




Wills Wing “AT Sport Euro” 167, great condition, $500 (photo coming soon)


All the used “advanced” harness’s are gone...Only new Wills Wing Z-5 orders are available upon request.


A few copies are left available ….    $20 each (includes shipping)!  Save $20 / book this way!


Flight Gear, Accessories, and other interesting items…..

Awesome old-school “Sky Instruments” Vario…. VERY sensitive…. works great… dual batteries….   $50

ADI-AT – 201 RADIO SET- (Pilot + Driver!) with external wire /harness antennae…. $95

NIKON “D-80” PRO Camera kit w/ 18-35 lens & omega V-guard filter…. with many extras*!!! Take professional quality digital photograghy. NEW CONDITION!!

(*EXTRAS = Nikon SPEEDLIGHT external flash unit, Nikon H-B-32 Lens hood, 70 -210 extra lens, extra battery, charger, Flash remote, Camera remote, import/export cables, camera case, 3 user books !)   ALL for only $450 !!!!! ( Worth 1000’s more!!)

W.W. LARA 250 PARACHUTE (Paragliding model) NEW… $375… SAVE $300 !!!

Windtec “Windsos” P.G. reserve……   $200

Advanced Air 20 Gore Hang Gliding Reserve. “Old School” style… (conical- not PDA) but lived in a dry closet for 20 years. Best for Pilots weighing less than 200 lbs…..    $150 

HP PHOTOSMART C3100 Copier, Printer, Scanner…. new condition with Ink cartridges…. $100  (the ink alone is worth $100)    😉

AERO-TOW RELEASES: All Bridals and secondary release included $175

TRUCK-TOW RELEASES: “Mason”= Best ever made! … $75/set… w/ nose bridal !

CHARLY “INSIDER” HELMETS- White- Medium only….. $185 (save $40)


Light X-C coverbag for T-2-C 154…….  (new)  $45

PNEUMATIC WHEELS…. $75 / pair…. save $35 

(Lightly used sets = $50 / pair)

MISC. WHEELS…….  $20 / set

(the wheels w/ hose clamps were the best wheels for round base-tubes EVER!) 🙂

GO-PRO GOODIES! Roll Mount kits, Tri-pod adapters, Lens protectors w/ covers kits….. $10 each !!! (save $20/kit)

Cross-bar universal camera mount. Holds light AND heavy cameras! $25

WIND-PROOF Mirrored flight glasses……………….$25


NEW A.T.T Sim-card style Flip Phone w/ charger….. $10… GREAT little phone!



Flight Gear and Accessories not shown

GLIDERS: All Wills Wing’s Hang Glider models… 


FLIGHT INSTRUMENTS: All the models distributed by Flytec…. 

GLIDER STORAGE: Do you come to Ellenville from the city side of the mountain? Why not pick up your glider right on the way to launch?! Convenient, key locked, high and dry, and only $20 per month! Call for info- 845-361-7232

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