About us

We are passionate pilots, specializing in quick and affordable services, High Quality equipment.  We feature the world’s most successful, consistent, user-friendly line of hang gliders: WILLS WING.  They are largest manufacturer of hang gliding equipment in the United Staes, and offer a complete line of products, for all ability levels, all proudly made in the USA.  Welcome to the awesome family of Fly High customers and Wills Wing pilots!

IMG_5462Paul Voight
Founder, owner, Sales, Advanced Skills Instructor

  • Advanced Instructor
  • Tandem Instructor
  • Towing Instructor
  • Master rated pilot
  • Wills Wing Specialist
  • Observer
  • Examiner
  • Paragliding Instructor
  • USHPA Regional Director
  • Instructor Program Administrator
  • Tandem Program Administrator
  • Towing Program Administrator/supervisor

Paul started Flying in 1972. Since the beginning, Paul has maintained Pilot loyalty through excellent service and personal involvement. As a former Vice President of the USHGA, Paul has donated his time and services consistently, to help insure the sport of hang gliding continues to grow.


“I enjoy taking the time to help each individual customer. Once there is an interest in owning their own glider and flight gear…. and progressing to mountain solo flights…. I carefully assist them in selecting the best equipment to suit their abilities. This equipment selection will help keep them safe and enjoy the sport. 











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