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We are passionate pilots, specializing in quick and affordable services, High quality equipment, and comprehensive lessons.  We feature the world’s most successful, consistent, user-friendly line of hang gliders: WILLS WING.  They are largest manufacturer of hang gliding equipment in the United Staes, and offer a complete line of products, for all ability levels, all proudly made in the USA.  Welcome to the awesome family of Fly High customers and Wills Wing pilots!

IMG_5462Paul Voight
Founder,owner, Advanced Skills Instructor, sales

  • Advanced Instructor
  • Tandem Instructor
  • Towing Instructor
  • Master rated pilot
  • Wills Wing Specialist
  • Observer
  • Examiner
  • Paragliding Instructor
  • USHPA Regional Director
  • Instructor Program Administrator
  • Tandem Program Administrator
  • Towing Program Administrator/supervisor

Paul started Flying in 1972 and opened FHHG in 1984. Since the beginning, Paul has maintained customer loyalty through excellent service and personal involvement. As a former Vice President of the USHGA, Paul has donated his time and services consistently, to help insure the sport of hang gliding continues to grow.

Paul specializes in advanced instruction when Fly High’s students graduate to mountain flying. Here is where, with radio communication, students learn to fly high altitude flights and land in the Ellenville Flight Park field below launch.

“I enjoy taking the time to help each individual customer learn to fly safely. Once there is an interest in owning their own glider and flight gear…. and progressing to mountain solo flights…. I carefully assist them in selecting the best equipment to suit their abilities. This equipment selection will help keep them safe and enjoy the sport. Once I get the word from the instructors at the training hill that the student is ready to fly high…….. I take over and help them become fully competent mountain pilots”

IMG_5876bRyan Voight
Intro and Advanced Instructor

  • Certified Advanced Instructor
  • Tandem Instructor
  • Master Rated Pilot (youngest ever!)
  • Wills Wing Specialist
  • Observer
  • Examiner
  • Instructor Program Administrator

Ryan has been surrounded by hang gliding his entire life. His father has owned and operated Fly High Hang Gliding for Ryan’s entire life, so he grew up with the sport. At age 4, Ryan took his first tandem flight with his dad. After that he took many more tandem flights, flying sites all over the country and even in Mexico. To this day Ryan is the youngest pilot to fly tandem from the highest launch in the US, Telluride mountain in CO- flying at over 16,500 ft for most of the flight!

In 1997 Ryan was the youngest person to fly solo from Ellenville Mountain, NY (age 13). He has been flying ever since, logging hundreds of hours of airtime and maintaining a perfect injury-free safety record. Ryan has proven himself in a variety of hang gliding competition formats, as well as being an accomplished aerobatic pilot. Ryan is the youngest person ever to earn a Master Pilot Rating.

Ryan is extremely passionate about growing the sport of hang gliding by sharing it with others. In 2008 Ryan moved to Utah to start Wings Over Wasatch and pursue a life promoting the sport he loves.  He was there for six years working contributing to and supporting the hang gliding community.

In 2014 Ryan moved back to New York and his passion for flight has never been greater!

Matt Hickerson

Lead instructor, Lesson coordinator….(Ninja)


Matt Hickerson began flying Hang Gliders in April of 2011. He has been AROUND Hang Gliding his entire life, as he resides next to our premier flying site, Ellenville Mountain, NY.

He became a certified instructor in 2012, and began teaching Hang Gliding for a living at that time. For the next four seasons Matt worked as an instructor, in every capacity an instructor can. (instruction, towing, mentoring, glider maintenance, answering the phone, scheduling, etc, etc)

Presently, Matt is managing all aspects of the school instruction program, and he is the one to e-mail in order to schedule in a lesson. E-mail is proffered, simply for the fact that the information is then in documented form, resulting in fewer missed appointments.














Justin Lamarche

(photo and bio coming soon)

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