Is it safe?

Ryan's_1st_flightHang gliding today can be favorably compared with other action sports such as downhill skiing and scuba diving in terms of safety. And, as with these sports, carelessness and irresponsibility can result in serious consequences. However, when approached conservatively, utilizing good judgment, hang gliding is a fun and safe form of recreation. We believe that proper training and education provide the basis for the full enjoyment of free flight with a minimum of risk. Fly High owner Paul Voight flew with his son Ryan (pictured), starting at age 4- which speaks to the confidence one can have in flying safely.  Ryan began solo training at 10 years old, and took his first mountain solo flight when he was 13, and he’s been flying without injury ever since.

Can anyone do it?

The dream of flying has captured man’s imagination for thousands of years. From the Greek myth of “Icarus and Daedalus”, or the early scientific inquiries of DaVinci, mankind has sought the freedom and exhilaration of flight.  A strong desire for flight is the only requisite!

Today’s combination of advanced aerodynamics and space age materials makes it possible for nearly anyone to fulfill this dream through hang gliding. Today’s gliders are light weight, sophisticated and incredibly stable providing pilots with an easy and enjoyable learning and flying experience.  There has never been a better time to hang glide than RIGHT NOW!

How much does it cost?

Our training hill lessons, in which you learn to launch, fly, and land a Hang Glider, consists of field instruction, followed by solo fledgling flights off one of our training hills. Everything you need is provided!
The first day lesson costs $250.00.  After your first day, additional instruction costs $30.00 per hour. Again, we provide everything…. and you show up, get a harness on… and fly under our guidance and instruction.

Gliders can range in price from around $1500 to $3500, depending on the sophistication of the design, and whether they are new or previously owned. Fly High always has a large inventory of in stock gliders and equipment, or we can help you order you a custom glider if you would like.  A harness, helmet, and emergency reserve parachute complete the required gear to hang glide.

DID YOU KNOW? Fly High maintains a storage facility near the training hill and mountain, to store gliders, for when you have your own equipment (if you can’t or choose not to store it at your home).

How long does learning take?

People progress at different rates, and our lesson structure is designed to progress each individual at the rate that is best and safest for them.  While there is so no set time-frame assigned to getting you to “first mountain solo” flights, we are here to guide your progression and not hold you back in realizing your dream of flight.  The ballpark average is anywhere from 6-12 days. Your total cost of instruction will depend on how quickly you learn the skills, and how frequently you get out to fly- long breaks between training sessions really slows progress.  We do not sell “package deals” that promise (X) progress …for (X) dollars… that’s just not realistic.

Where are we located?

Fly High maintains a personal, low overhead shop in Pine Bush, NY… which helps us continue our excellent pricing as well as flexible  availability to our customers.

The flying site and training activities are at 70 Hang Glider Road in Ellenville, NY

What about Paragliding?

Paragliders are foot launched steerable parachutes that are flown at mostly the same sites as hang gliders.
Ellenville is a fantastic hang gliding site, and is flown by proficient Paraglider pilots, but unfortunately the conditions are not well suited for teaching to paragliding in this area.  Even though Ryan regularly flies paragliders too, and is a certified paragliding instructor (as is Paul), we do not offer paragliding lessons at this time.  We do support the local paragliding community, and offer a wide range of paragliding gear (wings, harnesses, instruments, reserve chutes, radios, electronics, etc) and extend the same great pricing that we’re known for in the hang gliding world.

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