Flight School

Introductory lessons are $250 with all instruction, equipment, and necessary items for the lesson provided!

IMG_3905webbryonPlease E-mail FlightSchool@FlyHighHG.com to schedule your lesson, in advance. You will receive a return e-mail answering any of your questions.
Your contact person will be Matt Hickerson, USHPA instructor of the year 2016, and he will assist you in scheduling your lessons.

Most questions are best answered on our web site (please check our FAQ page first), while SCHEDULING BY EMAIL IS PREFERRED.  Appointments at least a few days in advance are encouraged.  Too short notice can mean limited availability.

We are available for lessons most days, Spring through Fall- but this is an outdoor activity, so lesson availability is weather dependent.
We continuously check weather forecasts, and if a scheduled lesson must be postponed we let you know as soon as we can.  We also attempt to confirm all lessons the evening before.
If a scheduled lesson begins but then needs to be postponed, a wind-check will be offered and you will be able to reschedule the remainder of your lesson at no charge.

What is actually involved in Lesson #1?

Introductory lessons start at 8:00 AM, and will go until about noon, depending on class size and wind conditions.

On day one we meet at the training site and start with a hands-on “ground-school”, which includes a little theory, a light introduction to flying weather and conditions, and the necessary safety & practical knowledge for what comes next…  Which is flying the glider on flat ground. By learning to get the wing flying, control it, and practicing landings, all on flat ground- we are able to provide a fun and low-stress learning environment with minimal risk;  We prioritize safety, fun, and learning- in that order!

Once you are showing the skills required for successful flying, the remainder of the lesson is spent getting short/low-altitude actual flights on the training hill!  By the end of the first day you will know how to launch, fly, & land a Hang Glider at low altitudes- and you will have done it all on your own!  Our goal on day one, besides keeping you safe and having a blast, is to show that hang gliding is not all that difficult- and we’re not crazy for doing it- it’s a fun, adventurous, addicting activity… that isn’t scary, and it can be done quite safely with proper diligence and good judgement.


Continued Flight Training

Training Hill-MichelleHang gliding training is focused on skill building, so returning students often fly the same equipment on the same hill as first-timers… but are working on more advanced tasks in preparation for higher altitude flying.
Continuing Lessons are $150 per half-day session *.

  • Morning lessons begin at 8AM and run until about noon. The MORNING lessons provide the absolute best training conditions available.
  • Indoor “classroom” sessions covering flight theory, weather, video analysis, etc are scheduled as demand supports.  These sessions are highly recommended for accelerating your training progress and improving overall safety and enjoyment!  Contact us if you are interested, or to request a specific topic.  Classroom sessions can be available during the afternoon lesson time, or can also be held later in the evening (sometimes over dinner, ordering a pizza for example).  Cost varies depending on topic and class size (more attendees = less cost per student).


Tandem Flights
If you just want a quick taste of flight, A company called U.S. Hang Gliding offers tandem “discovery flights” in Middletown, NY.  For tandem information/scheduling contact Bryon Estes @ 845-467-8090.

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