Being a safe and successful pilot means learning the weather

On the right is a basic look at the coming week’s weather, which is sufficient for students because during training your instructor will guide you on the details.  We can train most days, as long as it is not raining or too windy/gusty.  Early morning conditions are the best for training.

Weather Links for Soaring Pilots

The best weather for training- calm, smooth, predictable conditions- are the safest and provide the ideal learning environment… but as we progress we want longer and higher flights, so soaring pilots have slightly different weather ideals than student pilots.

Ellenville is a NW facing ridge site, but also has launches facilitating North winds and West/SW as long as the velocity isn’t too strong.

  • Rolan’s Soarcast
    Local pilot Rolan compiled several wind and weather sites into a single page.  If all you want to know is “will be flyable?” at Ellenville, this is your best source.  If you want to know “how good” it might be, see below…
  • Dr. Jack’s Soaring Forecasts*
    Visual, color coded soaring forecasts showing thermal velocity, top of lift, winds aloft, cloud base elevation, and more for today, tomorrow (“+1”), or two days out (“+2”).
    *Requires registration/login, which is FREE
  • Skew-T Sounding Plots*
    For the true weather geeks and expert pilots who prefer to view the raw sounding data graphically and develop their own interpretive forecast.  This is by far the most advanced, but also the most informative as to what a day will be like.
    *Requires Java


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